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Available early October In this new edition of Top Stocks , renowned financial journalist Martin Roth returns with his tried-and-tested analysis of the best public companies in Australia, based on low-risk and long-term value. Featuring clear and objective information on the performance and outlook of Australian companies across market sectors, it's an absolute must for Australian investors.

Presented in its trademark easy-to-read format, Top Stocks cuts through the noise and hype to assess every company on the same proven criteria, with a focus on profitability, debt levels, and dividends. For investors and traders, nothing beats the expertise and insight available in this trustworthy bestseller. Top Stocks is the ultimate guide to the top Australian companies. Building Wealth in the Stock Market is a complete investing guide for anyone looking to profit from the sharemearket.

Completely updated since it was first released as The Aggressive Investor, the book outlines Colin"s complete investment plan honed over 40 years of trading and is aimed at any investor wanting to create a winning investment strategy. Colin begins by examining investor psychology, in particular, how winners think about investing and then goes on to detail his own investment plan which centers around the idea that finding good stocks is secondary to managing investments through to the point at which they are sold.

In other words it focuses on how to know when to sell to reap maximum benefits. To better illustrate how to time the market and buy shares as they go up and avoid or sell shares that are going down Colin uses case studies of his own trades which helps readers apply Colin's plan and see exactly how it works in specific situations. The result is a comprehensive investment package from one of Australia's most successful investors.

Colin has been out-performing the All Ords for nearly eight years running even in the current downturn and shows through his case studies which includes examples of trading US and Asian stocks how others can do so too, regardless of market conditions.

Stocks never stand still. Knowing this, how can you consistently profit from the Australian stock market? In Trade My Way, best-selling author and sharemarket expert Alan Hull reveals his two short-term trading strategies-active trading and breakout trading.

These tried-and-tested strategies will help you turn a profit no matter which way the stock market is trending. Written in easy-to-understand, engaging language, Trade My Way also offers: Buy and sell stocks for profit like a professional-become an active trader! Designed to educate, motivate, and guide you through the sometimes confusing world of trading, the book shows you how to set up a trading business and, most importantly, master your number one trading foe; yourself.

Known for her witty and entertaining style, Bedford has demystified the world of share trading for thousands of investors and traders, and you're next. Company annual reports and prospectuses contain a wealth of vital data regarding the health of a company, yet few investors use these resources to their full potential. Analysing Company Accounts 4th edition will help you to understand the information presented and to know which figures are useful and which can be misleading.

Roths suggestions for monitoring your portfolio are based on ratio analysis. Side-stepping the purple prose of company directors, investors can with the help of a calculator compare, contrast and ascertain the actual stability and growth potential of any publicly listed stock. You also need to consider how many ideas will help save you from ruin.

As a keen golfer, I know the importance of avoiding disaster around a golf course. The worst shot a golfer can hit is Out of Bounds. This is the worst shot as you have to play your shot back on the tee and you drop as shot.

It is a full 2-shot penalty. Letting a stop loss run and hoping it will come back is the equivalent of the worst mistake you can make.

You just never know how long a position will run against you. When reading the best trading books, you will hear time and time again how the best traders wiped out accounts in their early years while waiting for a miraculous turn-around. These categories represent the best value for your time. But when starting out, you are best focusing your attention on what we call the top three trading book categories.

Here you will find the best books to help you improve with your trading the most. The reasons why this category comes in at number 1 is because the greatest number of traders focus on technical analysis. Even if you hate the idea of using technical analysis, you must understand how others use it to find an edge with your trading.

Let me explain a little further. As a fundamental trader, it pays to understand where the key technical levels are, even if you are not using them. When you combine both fundamentals and technicals, you will greatly improve your chances of success in the market. The reason being is every decision you make is based on your thoughts and mindset around it. The system you created is based on everything you have taken in around the markets up to this point in time.

Have you ever read a classic trading book for a second time years later? While reading it, did you ever get the feeling it was a completely different book? The reason the book feels like a new one is because you have changed as a trader. You have made mistakes. You have closed out some of your best trades. Most new traders begin their journey as a long-term buy and hold investor. Some years, the buy and hold approach works wonders. Other years, the volatility in the markets favours the short term trader.

Swing trading is one of the best ways for longer term investors to make the transition into more active trading. The time frames are more active, but they do not involve buying and selling times per day, as a good day trader might.

The beauty of reading the best swing trading books is the number of trading techniques they offer. You see, trading ideas are extremely valuable when you are starting out. You are always best learning from those people and techniques which have a proven track record. There are literally thousands of solid swing traders out there and many of them have written some of the best trading books available. You must collect a few of the best swing trading books and study them.

You will never run out of trading ideas if you do this. Before we get to our top 8 best trading books, here are the 11 trading categories we have divided our best books into. Just click on each link to find out more about the best books in the section.

It is hard to create a modern trading book a classic. So many of the best traders today have learnt their lessons from the classic trading books of our time.

Very few of the most recent ones have new ideas. You will have to appreciate that our number 1 trading book for is an all-time classic, not one released in I know you will understand. Jack Schwager positioned himself early in his career as the leader in interviewing the best traders of our time.