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Please don't post here or on any bin arch missing AUR packages about out of date bin arch missing. Use the bin arch missing package out-of-date" link at the top. Note that AUR package skypeforlinux-stable-bin is the version Microsoft release as their "stable" version. AUR package skypeforlinux-preview-bin is the version Microsoft release as their preview version and will always be a later version than the stable version.

I've installed this package and calls work fine, but I'm missing the option to share my screen I can't really find a solution online though. My webcam is a Logitech, Inc. HD Pro Webcam C Some further reading regarding bin arch missing in non-Gnome environments: I managed to store my Skype password using gnome-keyring using the Wiki [1].

First, I installed gnome-keyring, libsecret and seahorse. Then I created a new password keyring using seahorse called 'login' which is needed bin arch missing using GDM or LightDM to automatically unlock the keyring. After this, I logged in to Skype once, quit the application and re-opened it, and I was still logged in.

Ah, I thought I read that somewhere. I'm not using a DE, only a simple window manager, so how does it work? I can't even remember when I last had to log in to skype. I am bin arch missing the same version of Skype on Solus OS with the Budgie desktop and here autologin works fine. I don't have to retype my credentials again and again. As far as I can tell autologin or simply remembering your credentials is not possible with the current Skype.

Arch Linux User Repository. Sort order Ascending Descending. Per page 50 Dependencies 8 alsa-lib alsa-lib-xta gconf gconf-gtk2 gtk2 gtk2-patched-gdkwin-nullcheckgtk2-patched-filechooser-icon-viewgtk2-ubuntu libsecret libxss libxtst nss nss-hg gnome-keyring gnome-keyring-wo-gpg optional.

Required by 5 gnome-shell-extension-skypenotification-git requires skype skype-secure requires skypeforlinux skype1ico-git requires skype skype4pidgin-git bin arch missing skype skypetab-ng-git requires skype. Pinned Comments bulletmark commented on Latest Comments chasse commented on Seems like things are a real mess with gnome-keyring and other DE's.

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