Binary options trading income secrets by palm beach county

Davis Ramsey is well-known to Slopers. After reporting a blow-out month in profits on the NADEX, he shared a couple of interesting insights in the comments section about his journey. I encouraged him to expand binary options trading income secrets by palm beach county comments into a post, which he has kindly done below.

I was directed here in the wake of the Flash Crash by a post on Yahoo Finance message boards. But I learned a lot and people here helped me become the trader I am today. I graduated from Florida State University three years ago. Binary options trading income secrets by palm beach county immediately began my job as a paper pusher in cubicle town for the State of Florida. The only trade I did was the Friday afternoon ramp — one trade a week, binary options trading income secrets by palm beach county it worked for 7 or 8 weeks in a row.

I had about 10k in the bank and 2k in my NADEX account, and I thought if nothing else I can make a few bucks every week on this no-lose trade while looking for a better job. I just averted my eyes and got out of there as soon as I could. My first month out I was nothing more than a gambler really, and it is sheer luck that I survived. I kept a thorough journal and upon reviewing my trades, I realized one kind of trade stood out — the morning am squeeze. I got serious, stopped all other trading, and only did the morning squeeze every day.

From June to year-end I made 44k, and all seemed right in the world. As soon as the new year arrived, it was like a switch got turned off. The squeeze had largely disappeared, and I struggled to adapt. I strongly believed I would NEVER make it as a discretionary trader, and the only way I would stay in the game is to stick to setup trades like the Friday ramp and the morning squeeze.

Luckily I took that advice to heart and had been extremely frugal. Otherwise, would have ended my trading career probably. A new year called for a new trading strategy, and I began to focus on the 20 minute binaries nearly exclusively. But there were new challenges that came with discretionary trading that I never faced when I limited myself to setups only. Once you do it and get away with it, it gets easier and easier to keep doing it, but inevitably your luck runs out.

I believe beyond any shadow of a doubt this is what I am meant to do, and in spite of every obstacle, there was no choice in my mind but to continue. There were some unique trading conditions that made that run possible, and I spent the next month basically just grinding it out, day after day.

I was still making too many avoidable mistakes, and my journal came in handy again as slowly but surely I identified and eliminated the bad trades. Through collaboration with other traders, some new setups were identified that have been paying off well lately, in addition to my daily trading which has become much more disciplined of late. I have come a long way, overcoming obstacles that only other traders could really understand. It is really just one step in an eternal journey, one battle in an eternal war — not against the market but against myself.

For a direct link to my live stream, just click the yellow note by my handle here on Slope or check my Twitter profile. There is nothing better than having a tough trading day and getting an email from a Sloper sharing their story with me because I shared mine. It binary options trading income secrets by palm beach county me feel a little less lonely and a little more hopeful knowing there are people out there that, like me, have put it all on the line for this thing we call trading.

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