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If you read about my pastyou will see that all my adult life I brokerage account promotions been interested in producing income. Since I have a well paid full-time job during the day, and am way too lazy to get a part-time job that requires a lot of effort, getting free money from a benevolent brokerage organization seemed the next best thing. Getting the money deposited into the account is merely the beginning of the party. That was quite the part-time job I had.

Was I flipping burgers, stocking grocery shelves, mowing lawns, breaking my back in summer heat doing landscaping? Nope, I was filling out forms online and estimate I spent about 4 hours on the entire process. There are numerous online investment brokerages out there.

There are nearly too many to list, and new brokerages seem to start-up every year. Therefore, I am going to give you a list of brokerages and compare bonuses based on assets or cash required to achieve them. Instead of going through each brokerage and reviewing every single brokerage account promotions, I am going to list some of the best promotional bonuses at different asset levels.

This is a fairly decent bonus for a nominal asset transfer. This is a generous bonus at this modest asset level. This promo appears to be limited only to IRA transfers only. A simple work around to avoid closing fees is to keep a nominal amount of money in the old brokerage account you wish to transfer assets from. I took advantage of this offer for both my kids last month. The beauty of this offer is there is no minimum to deposit.

In our case, we had our kids give us money from their piggy banks in order to open their accounts. We want them to have skin in the game, and they were excited at the prospect of the money give away.

You must make one trade in order to qualify for the bonus. Fidelity offers up to 50, bonus airline miles for 3 different airlines. The airlines are United, American and Delta. You must have a reward account set up for your airline, in order to qualify for these bonus miles. A nice side benefit of this bonus is it appears not to be taxable. Brokerage account promotions consult your accountant. In our case, brokerage account promotions are taking advantage brokerage account promotions the American Airlines offer, as they seem to have decent flights to the Caribbean from where we live.

Step 2 — Find the appropriate promotional link you wish to sign up for and fill out an application. Please note that the firm offering the money will try to handle the asset transfer for you. You need brokerage account promotions contact your old brokerage from where the assets are coming from. However, you will need to provide the new brokerage with various information, such as a recent account statement from the brokerage account promotions you are transferring assets from.

Comprehensive list of brokerage promo offers. Make sure to meet all the requirements of each promotion. If you filled out an asset transfer form in step two above, you probably need to wait at least a week, or more, for the old assets to transfer into the new account.

If instead you are funding the new account with cash, you can probably set brokerage account promotions a deposit right away, or shortly after you have opened up the new account. Do not withdraw brokerage account promotions during this time frame. Most brokerages require at least 6 months of time before you are free to transfer assets again without disqualifying for the promotional money.

As always, read all the fine print of each offer. There is great news here, once that time-frame has safely passed, you can then transfer those assets to yet another brokerage, to take advantage of an additional promotion. Special Note for Fidelity airline miles promos, they require an extra long period of 9 months before you can transfer assets out again. This is for good reason. John Bogle founded the Vanguard funds and basically invented index fund investing.

He also focused on reducing expenses as low as possible, so individual investors like me are able to participate in the stock brokerage account promotions without having our returns diminished by large hidden fees.

John Bogle has numerous great quotes, but my favorite is below. In spite of my respect for Vanguard funds, and having invested brokerage account promotions mutual funds sinceI have never had a Vanguard investment account. When I was researching all the brokers I had been with for my Roth RescueI realized that I have not been very faithful over the years. The reason I have never had a Brokerage account promotions account can best be summed up by the following sentence I saw when google searching for promotional bonuses for opening new online brokerage accounts:.

Brokerage account transfers, or brokerage hacking, can be an excellent way to earn money as a side hustle. I encourage you to sign brokerage account promotions for one, as I think you will brokerage account promotions hooked.

However, once you do one, the rest will seem easy and fast. The beauty of brokerage promo money is that it can happen over, and over, and over again. Having these additional funds to invest will speed up the receipt of funds you will need to enjoy a long and early retirement. As always, read all the fine print of each offer and make brokerage account promotions you meet all the terms of the offer. If you have questions about whether or not you qualify, call up the brokerage and ask.

They are all competing for your business and are very happy to brokerage account promotions new customers. They will be brokerage account promotions happy and eager to help you transfer your assets to their firms.

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I brokerage account promotions my wife to open accounts at Chase to get the bonuses and one time when she was closing it, a CS rep made a remark to my wife about her churning accounts for bonuses. We travel hack as brokerage account promotions. I have done this twice, once with Capital One, and now we are working on two airline bonuses at Fidelity. However, most brokers I have opened an account with over the years, I have received some kind of bonus money to do so.

Thanks for stopping by. Which broker do you use? Fidelity and Schwab charge only 4. Most brokerages offer them. Thanks for the great info on brokerage hacking. Do you know if these offers are one time only? Fidelity Investments my wife has had investments there for years, and Tradeking customer service was awful and, with my new employer having their k admin through Fidelity, I wanted all my investments with a single log in. The following is the line item from our Capital One Brokerage statement from Thanks for sharing, what a great article with a lot of information!

Creating our early retirement checklist — The Finance Patriot. So you wanna be a baller? Side Hustle- only one clear winner — The Brokerage account promotions Patriot. Hi Jay, Usually the restriction is six months, but as always, read the fine print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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