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At the time of writing, most of the available documentation is out-of-date and mainly focused on the use of managed file transfer in the context of B2B.

WebSphere MQ FTE and DataPower are complementary products as the former is intended to centrally manage file transfers within the secure enterprise domain, while the latter acts as a secure gateway and extends connectivity to different security domains.

View image at full size. That integration was sufficient in many contexts, but it did not take advantage of any WebSphere MQ premium features, such as transactionality and assured delivery. It provides the ability to properly manage file transfers as part of a B2B transaction, log the operation to persistent storage, and to integrate the FTE metadata with the B2B Transaction Viewer. This construct is an abstraction that allows business partner information to be stored in a trading partner profile and is used to enforce trading partner agreements between two parties gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador well as providing a logical link between partner identity and one or more destination URLs.

The main points are that, in this configuration, streaming is not possible and files are always buffered in memory. Given the characteristics of a B2BGW, there are a few critical aspects that need to be considered in the design phase:.

This is also true if the integration with the B2BViewer is a key requirement for the solution, or if the customer wants to use the profile management or viewing capabilities unique to the B2BGW Service.

The next key element to be considered is the file size. For very large files, the Multi-Protocol Gateway MPGW is usually a better choice because it supports streaming and it does not save message payloads by default. However, MPGW has no ability to provide a view that shows the state of the transaction, nor does it have the ability to use profile management. This last point leads to the next consideration: They provide, by default, a rich set of functionality, such as transaction auditing, and provide meta-information for the B2B Transaction Viewer.

MPGWs are simpler objects with no built-in auditing capability. Any processing, including logging and auditing, requires explicit configuration and eventually some usually minimal XSLT coding. Besides the ability to stream, MPGWs simplicity and flexibility bring another benefit by supporting high transactions rate. The last important aspect to be considered is the need for transactionality and error handling, which can now rely on the traditional DataPower-MQ integration features, such as unit-of-work and back-out settings.

The specific details around transactionality and error handling change depend on the direction of the transfer if WebSphere MQ is the source or the destination of the file and will be discussed in detail later in this article. For performance reasons, it has been designed to reliably move files using non-persistent messages for the file transfer data.

Persistent messaging is used for the initial WebSphere MQ FTE agent to agent handshake and also transfer restart messages between agents. If the gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador were not persistent and the Queue Manager failed after the FTE transfer is complete and before the DataPower transfer starts, the file would disappear from the system without any explicit transfer error.

The use of persistent messages has an important implication in terms of Queue Manager tuning as described in this article, Configuring and tuning WebSphere MQ for performance on Windows and UNIXwhich specifically mentions that persistent messages require appropriate tuning for the Gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador Manager logs. This is critical because in our experience, insufficient log space on the Queue Manager is the most common cause of errors.

Another reason to put some effort in tuning the Queue Manager logs is that in a B2B context, messages are typically consumed within a transaction. This means that the final commit happens only when DataPower has completed the file transfer to the target system, thus keeping transactions potentially pending for a long time, depending on the total file size and network latency. Finally, note that it is important to choose the right persistence gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador for each queue because, by default, DataPower sets the message persistence according to the queue setting.

For the sake of this configuration, we will use plain protocols. In a real production environment, all communication has been protected by encryption. This DataPower configuration is extremely simple and some of its details will be highlighted while discussing the use cases. We found that we had to amend this when we started transferring large files. In a production configuration, it would be more typical to have agents gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador to a number of different agent queue managers.

The messages placed on these queues were then read by DataPower for transfer onto the final destination. Each queue had a backout queue: All three agents were defined to run as a Windows service.

The first step is to create an internal and an external partner. For the external partner, add an FTP destination. The last step is to create a B2BGW by adding the two front side handlers and the two business partners. This group has a maximum message size of 1MB. In case of errors, the transfer is re-tried until the backout count in reached, and then the file is moved to the backout queue. Given that the file is at first assembled in memory and then pushed to the back-out queue, it is not surprising that messages in the backout queue can potentially have a different size from the messages in the request queue.

When the UOW is enabled, the messages are consumed under syncpoint, irrespective of their persistence and vice-versa. Since only one logger DB can be referenced by a B2BGW, both inbound and outbound flows going through the same DataPower service are recorded in the same logger.

This is probably the simplest configuration. Since the goal of this configuration is to stream large files, the processing policy is usually extremely simple, as shown in Figure 4. The minimal processing required is to set a destination. When the transfer is complete, the file is "Foo. The route action in the DataPower stylesheet uses this header to set the actual destination, as shown in Listing 3.

As already pointed out, DataPower firmware V5. However, for very large files greater than 1GBstreaming might still be the best option. However, in streaming mode, the two file transfers happen largely in parallel, diminishing the overall latency. For the generic gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador files, the b2b-routing stylesheet needs to be customized.

In our example, we will identify the external partner based on the source IP and the internal partner based on the gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador directory. The agent we created for this use case is used as the source agent for the triggered transfer. The WebSphereMQ FTE transfer command, submitted when the message group is complete, is defined in the monitor task definition file specified via the —mt parameter.

This is an XML file that, in our scenario, contained the following shown in Listing 6. This file was created using the —gt option on the fteCreateTransfer command. Using the —gt option to create this file is the easiest way of making sure that the format is correct. The generated task definition file can then be modified as required, notably for variable substitution.

It is associated with the Queue Manager for the transfer that is to be initiated when a group of messages arrives from DataPower. The destinationAgent defines the name of the target agent and it is the Queue Manager for the transfer. It is important to note that DataPower, by default, puts messages using the default queue persistence. Therefore, that needs to be set carefully. Persistent messages require careful tuning of the Queue Manager logs, but can survive a Queue Manager crash.

Non-persistent messages, on the other side, perform better, but a file can potentially disappear without any clear error. The main difference is that DataPower routing is not based anymore on Business Partner IDs, but on some logic in the processing policy. This configuration supports streaming for incoming files and is a good fit for very large file transfers. It also provided gb to mb binary options option trading in ecuador examples of working configurations.

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