Hdfc bank sb account minimum balance

The aggregate of all credits in a financial year should not exceed rupees one lakh The aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month should not exceed rupees ten thousand; and The balance at any point of time should not exceed rupees fifty thousand Important instructions: Foreign remittance is not allowed to be credited into a small account. Reviews No Restriction Or Compromise.

Umesh Thakkar, Chandigarh, April 10, Rating. Vinit Jain, Bangalore, April 9, Rating. Moreover, IndusInd Bank is very transparent with their policies and procedures and gives best services to its customers Girish Datar, Pune, April 8, Rating. Amit Jethwani, Delhi, April 7, Rating. Get your available balance via SMS.

Get your last 5 transactions via SMS. Indus Force Maxima Indus Force. Product Review nuhif Review by mdsitare , Dec Ifkcnxj. I would recommend this product Yes. Type the text shown in the image. Give us a call Daily balance above Rs. Once I shifted my job, I naively emptied the account to zero balance and left it.

When I registered for online access I noticed that it was automatically linked to my old Savings account and the account had a negative balance of about Rs On contacting the bank, they said that since the PAN number was the same, it was my account.

Luckily on requesting them they wrote off the amount and closed the account after I gave a letter in writing for the same. The moral of the story is that it is always better to get the account closed rather than just emptying its contents and assuming that it will get closed on its own. I share the views of other account holderws of hdfc it is simply unimaginalby as to how rbi allows pprivate banks to fleeced gthe custgomers like an hything in the name of service charges public.

But for everything they need me to come to their branch, even third party transfers. I have had a Citibank account for over 5 years now and have never had to go to their branch. Even to close HDFC account, i need to go to their branch, my scanned signatures along with my ID copy does not work for them. Its a complete mess. Even if the account holder does not go to bank to deposit money, transction charges will be levied. Its not possible for the account holders to go to bank always.

I lost thousands as transction charges which were made at mother branch. Its not banking but business with the money of customers.

I inform all hdfc custormers to close down their accounts which is safe and good. Ho0w much do they charge on closing the saving account.

Will they charge all the previous AQB charges. I heard that we have to pay Rs. Any advise would be appreciable. Respected Sir Please confirm me of Account closing procedure. I have no time and money to travel to Pune just to close account. But the Bank would certainly try its best to put obstacles in your path. I suggest that you demand to talk to the local Branch Manager to sort things out. I had a salary account in hdfc. Now I left the job and checked with hdfc.

They asked me to maintain Rs. Hence I decided to close my debit and credit card as they are penalising every month without my notice. My old salary account with HDFC changed itself to saving account couple of years back. I assumed that unused accounts would auto close. My question is will this effect my credit score as I would like to be eligible for taking loans in the future. How much would HDFC charge me for not using the account for an year.

Whenever draw cash from ATM receive transaction Message, but these buggers are not intimate email, message account holders to Maintain AMB and without informing account holders deducting charges, its totally looting Customer money,. I need to close my saving bank account with HDFC as i am not satisfy with the service as well as customer care support.

You must log in to post a comment. Home Published Subscribe Capital Advisor A way to deal with your money better and one of India's leading blogs on personal finance. I missed including the scissors. To open a savings account with the reputed IndusInd Bank, and getting the best-in-the-class facilities, there was nothing more I could ask for. I wanted to open a saving account so that I can move around without carrying unnecessary cash and make my payments online.

But at the same time, I did not want the restrictions of any minimum balance requirement. That is why I decided to open savings account with IndusInd bank because it effectively caters to all my banking requirements. My Indus small savings account provides me with top grade banking comforts without the condition of maintaining a minimum balance. This is especially exciting for small investors like me who have very little to fall back on.

Moreover, IndusInd Bank is very transparent with their policies and procedures and gives best services to its customers. Since I am a student and do not have much of an income, most of my money comes from stipends.

But I do like to save. IndusInd Bank has made savings possible for me through its IndusInd small savings account. This account allows me to save without the stress of maintaining a minimum monthly balance.

For small savers like me, the zero balance IndusInd small savings account comes as a boon. Review by mdsitare , Dec Review by Satyaki , Feb Give Feedback Customer Reviews.