How to trade in nifty futures

I totally agree with karunakumari and gogo Derivative trading of indices - especially nifty or banknifty is the safest bet when compared to stocks and to reach there, in my opinion is just learn the basics of charting and eyeballing the charts everyday for atleast 6 months.

And paper trading is mandatory. I have lost hell a lot of money with impatience and overconfidence. Need to read up a lot on trading psychology too until it gets inside the system. How to trade in nifty futures thanks to Madan for his advice and suggestions. What is my Strategy? Good Android smart phone with 3G Internet and required App's. Good Discount brokerage Account which charges you less brokerages. After having everything set, what do you want.

Most Importantly you need some tips from somewhere. Generally small investors trade on news seen on TV. They just watch CNBC or some other channel and makes their own decision to how to trade in nifty futures. But I have seen that they generally make losses with this approach. Small Investors always think that there are people inside market who can give valuable tips about doing intraday trading. After researching in Internet about these tips, I found that these tips do not serves the purpose.

I have subscribed for famous intraday tips for Rs Oh my god for one month, He generally gives one tip in a day. I was trading with major brokerage with 3 in 1 account. Tips worked for only half time, so what you got is what you loose and some dynamic trading by me made loss. After that I have changed my plan stopped trading for a month and checked what went wrong with me? So I have Immediately shifted to zerodha.

Zerodha he charges Rs 20 each how to trade in nifty futures irrespective of size of order. If you trade for 60 Days and stays in profits, your complete brokerage charged during this 60 days period will be refunded What an offer. And most importantly i have shifted to a wonderful Automatic buy sell signal software based on Amibroker AFL Formaula. Which generates buy and sell signals in live market and its how to trade in nifty futures cheap.

So i have subscribed and started trading. You can see the Image below which shows the Automatic buy sell signa and its features Comment here for more info on Automatic buy sell signal How to trade in nifty futures note that Automatic buy sell signal is not my site Iam just an user of that site. Now my life has changed, I have made Rs Profit after paying brokerages of Rs only and Rs for Automatic buy sell signal. Several times I have missed heavy profits because i have squared off early.

Now I got confidence and making nice profits. I want to share an excellent Intraday trading strategy for Nifty. As a general rule, when RSI crosses an upper limit it indicates a Sell signal, while if it crosses lower limit it indicates Buy signal. But in this strategy, we are going to do the opposite i.

All the positions would be squared off at the end of day. Read more about this Intraday trading strategy and it's how to trade in nifty futures report with AFL code in the below link: System trades only in nifty futures. But from a technical point of view I feel its always easier to monitor one stock than monitoring multiple stocks. Please share your thoughts. Exactly my point Karunakumari.

In fact nothing is straight forward and easy to deal with. I agree with all the single stock how to trade in nifty futures you have mentioned. Now imagine The index - it is 50 such single stock and their complex factors all wrapped up in a barbed wire for you. However all these individual stocks collectively makes up the Index!

My point is - if you cant understand what moves the stock then you are way to early for the Index. Karthik, I am talking about trading Nifty using technical analysis, and not fundamental analysis. Are u trying to tell us that to trade nifty, we need to know what all the 50 companies are doing fundamentally? I have googled a lot of things but most of them were incomplete information or information that was not so easy to comprehend. Never stuff lots of indicators in your intraday charts trade with[ price action trading]you can easily earn.

I want to trade only in nifty intraday. And would want to learn more about on the same. Can someone let me know good articles available that would be helpful to how to trade in nifty futures Basic Understanding of Index options, Call Put etc. I have paid Rs as brokerages Can u believe this? Paid Rs for tips. I got this Here the list of best institute to learn more intraday trading visit at chennai, Mumbai, Delhi http: Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Nifty trading is wonderful idea, but margin must have. For intra u must ve to practice 1st.