Optionbit binary option broker binary huge

Optionbit is supposedly regulated broker and continues to scam people in I don't know what to say but this is unbelievable! In 21st century bunch of Israeli guys made some "trading" platform and ask you to make a deposit, they make you lose all your money with price manipulations and later they call you again and ask you to optionbit binary option broker binary huge more deposits.

LOL what is this Cyprus regulation anyway? It seems like the Israeli pay some money to optionbit binary option broker binary huge Greeks for some "regulation" and the robbery continues regulated.

If you read this forum and other forums as well you will understand how they work. These guys with fake names like "Eduard Gold" call you and start explaining how easy is to make profit with them. So I make profit, they lose money and we are all happy? And here your nightmare begins! Ok, good luck with that! Optionbit trading platform looks friendly and luxury with vip accounts, mobile apps, free videos, free demos and everything till they start manipulating your strike price. Then I started investigating closely what is happening in my account and I found out optionbit binary option broker binary huge they can manipulate my strike prices so that I lose trades.

I am pretty sure that I am optionbit binary option broker binary huge a single case because I read about many similar cases in other forums from other traders. On top of that a guy who used to work with them in their office in Bulgaria confirmed me that it is a practice at optionbit to make you lose money.

When I was trading their optionbit price for a call option on eurusd was way above the current graph level making it impossible to win any trade using any reasonable strategy. I am pretty sure everyone in that company is aware about this and simply they want you to loose and keep losing money. I would suggest you to stay away from optionbit.

It is a total scam optionbit once you make the mistake to deposit you optionbit binary option broker binary huge regret all after that. They wont stop calling you to deposit more and more offering some bonuses on top of your deposit which you actually will never be able to withdraw.

You wont get anything in the end believe me. If you have any funds into your optionbit account I would recommend requesting a withdraw but it won't be easy. They are regulated by CySEC but this means nothing actually all scam brokers on the spotoption and tradologic platforms are regulated by CySEC and continue to rob traders. This is absolutely true as I had a bad experience trying to make a withdraw at optionbit.

I was doing well at the beginning made a profit of euros so decided to request a withdraw and suddenly things changed, it became difficult for me to trade without making every trade a loss. I feel this person either did not understand me or was being just down right horrible. After a month of e-mails and live chat sessions I was finally able to make a withdraw of euros with no adequate explanation why I can't withdraw all my profit.

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