What is call put option in nifty

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Here is the article — http: Hi Karthik, Thanks a lot for these wonderful modules. May 12, at 5:

July 10, at 8: July 19, at 3: The last price at which the instrument traded should be equal to close price? Generally speaking option sellers tend to hold contracts till expiry rather than option buyers. Exercising and squaring off are two different aspects.

I am really struggling to get such tools from the market. We will do the same in the next chapter. September 10, at 6:

Suppose we are selling put option, the premium went from Rs. You will not make money doing so, or in other words you will certainly lose money in such circumstances. In that case am I writing an Call option? You can trade it based on your view.

May 12, at 5: Who decides what should be the premium price of a particular option? In the money or at the money or out of money? But after reading your article I have developed basic understanding about it.

To give you a heads up — the answers to all these questions lies in understanding the 4 forces that simultaneously exerts its influence on options premiums, as a result of which the premiums vary. Thanks for that and hope that further chapters will also come the same way. If you feel bullish, buy the call option …if you fee bearish, buy the put option. Hi Karthik, I have never ever bought or sold options, because I did not know anything about it.

Hey Karthik, small query to clear my confusion btn square off and exercising an optionas I understand I can square off anytime as per my profitability or loss but suppose have shorted the strangle and then though I am into profit but I can see that due to OTM call n put writeliquidity got reduced resulting I hesitate to square off and I allow it to exercise on the what is call put option in nifty of expiry then in that case will I get get entire profit full premium of call n put or still there will be spread impact on my profit? Thanks Karthik for reply, but i am still not clear with point number 1. Hello Sir, I am still confused with the way the profit is calculated. Hi Karthik, I am beginner in call and put options, trying to learn this.